Digging Deeper


God Speaks


God is always speaking –- through Scripture, other people, music, nature, compelling circumstances, dreams, visions, and even audibly. He desires us to draw closer to Him so we can hear His voice, know Him, love Him, love others, and receive direction from Him.


On Sunday we spoke about a “stoplight analogy” which is helpful when considering if a message is from God or if it is something else. A “red light” is a message that is clearly not for you – you know without a doubt it is not the Lord communicating to you. You know it is “off” so you can stop and go no further with it. A “yellow light” would be a message possibly from the Lord. You can proceed with caution and carefully consider it. A “green light” would indicate the Lord is definitely communicating a message for you to pray about, look into further, and at some point maybe to act upon. Any message from God will never contradict Scripture. Sometimes it is good to share with a mature, trusted Christian if interpretation and wisdom is needed.


God loves you! He yearns for an intimate love relationship with you. We are learning that our relationship grows ever deeper with Him as we worship, pray, read and study Scriptures, give, and fellowship with one another. Lord, may our ears be open to hear your beautiful voice and respond to Your unfailing love for us. May we love You more and love our neighbor more today than we did yesterday, in Jesus’ Name, amen!

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